WHAT IS it?  

Are you using aperture-priority or manual mode, but want to further your photography skills? Do you want to learn how to edit your photos in Lightroom to add more magic?

The Photography Rockstars workshop is an intermediate-level course for those who already know how to shoot in aperture-priority-mode or manual-mode and want to take the next step up. Get to grips with using Adobe Lightroom to correct and enhance your photos, and learn some more advanced techniques for improving your shooting.

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What will  you learn?


working with light

using light outdoors and indoors to best effect 


photo editing

Introduction to Adobe Lightroom to correct mistakes and enhance your photos 


advanced settings

Learn more about at white balance, focus and exposure 


art and style

Push yourself creatively and try different photography styles

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Working with light : 

  • indoor light - different positions for different styles
  • outdoor light - using sun, cloud, and golden hour 

Photo Editing

  • Introduction to Adobe Lightroom
  • How to organise your images in Lightroom
  • Let me show you how I edit an image from start to finish (students can bring laptops to edit alongside me but this is not compulsory)

Advanced Settings

  • Working with White Balance
  • Working with focus points

Art & Style

  • Exploring styles of photography
  • Photography with meaning versus "a nice photo"
  • Projects to push yourself creatively
I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your course, your style and easy manner in covering so much ground. I previously did a term’s course at a local college but I can honestly say I learned ten times more at your workshop. Thank you!

What's Included?

  • Small group photography workshop - with maximum 10 students - so I can give you individual attention
  • Light lunch, teas & coffees
  • Adobe Lightroom editing demonstrations
  • Practical sessions out of the classroom to test theories of light, style and technical aspects
  • Photography Rockstars digital manual (PDF)
  • Two weeks of email support after your workshop 
  • Exclusive access to my intermediate-level Photography Rockstars facebook group for more inspiration and advice
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I don't know if this is the right course for me? Do I meet the required standard?

If you are fairly happy using your SLR, then yes this course can work for you. You will be already taking lots of photos with your SLR but want to enhance them with editing this is the perfect course for you.

However if you want to learn how to take photos with a fuzzy background or how to get your exposure right,  my ROCK YOUR CAMERA beginners workshop is more suitable for you.

Is this course suitable for professional photographers?

No. We will be covering the basics of Lightroom as a beginners guide to editing. You will learn how to edit photos with the main panels in Lightroom, but it is not aimed at professionals who are already using Lightroom on a regular basis.

Do I need a laptop and a copy of Adobe Lightroom? 

By bringing a laptop with Adobe Lightroom and editing alongside me you will learn more easily, as it's always better to "do" than to simply "watch". However if you are still unsure if you want to purchase Lightroom or don't have a laptop you can simply watch me editing on the large screen if you wish.

Which version of Adobe Lightroom should I get?

If you are just starting out with editing, and unsure if you want to invest in software I would recommend the Adobe Photography Plan at £9.98 per month. The Photography Plan includes Adobe Lightroom Classic which is the software we will be using in the workshop.  You can sign up for just one month to try it out and see if it's something you want to use longer-term.

If you have been editing for some time in other software but don't have Adobe Lightroom yet, you have two options. You could again subscribe to the Photography Plan as above for £9.98 per month and get the latest software and updates. Or alternatively, you could purchase an older stand-alone copy of Lightroom whilst it's still available. Adobe are moving everything to subscription only basis so it won't be available forever "off-line" and you won't get free updates, but it is still almost the same product as the current version with only a few small differences, so if you are using it for a few years then there will be a cost-saving : Adobe Lightroom v6.0

Any questions, please feel free to email me - I realise this is very confusing!

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Who's your teacher?

Ellie Cotton is a the owner & photographer of Dandelion Photography, and has been photographing families, children, births and events since 2010. However she actually picked up her first SLR camera when aged just 11 years old - and that's over 30 years ago - gulp! 

Since starting these workshops in Spring 2017, Ellie has taught approximately 40 students how to start achieving great photography with their SLR cameras, and she has had tremendous response from those attending - please take a look at the testimonials below.

You can read more about Ellie & her photography style here.

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forthcoming dates

Photography Rockstars ~ Sun 25 Mar

Sun 25 March | 9am to 1.30pm
Stanneylands Rd, Wilmslow SK9 4EY



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